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When to Get Your Fence Repaired?

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If you’re already noticing damage on your fence or you can observe that your fence posts are sagging, loose, or leaning, then your fence more likely has some serious issues. Once your fence encounters structural damage, you will immediately want to get it fixed to avoid any damage to take place and to guarantee that it’s properly working. The skilled fencing installers in Cary are always willing to give any repair, care, and maintenance that are needed to make sure that your fence will be preserved in its optimal shape for as long as it can. When you’ve observed one of the issues on your fence below, perhaps now is the time to contact the fence experts to get professional fence repairs. 

Misaligned beams are present 

Your fence beams need to be perpendicular to your posts. When your fence’s structure has some issues, you may begin to see misaligned beams, such as the beams that are falling out of their bowing or sockets. Once you can see such misalignment, it’s best to contact your fence company to get them to come out and check this problem to know what’s wrong with your fence’s internal structure. With the help of professional fence service experts, you can guarantee that they can fix this problem quite easily and quickly.  

You can see termite damage 

Termites are pests that can affect any kind of fencing since they can destroy any wooden fencing’s interior. When you’re suspecting that termites have been contacting your fence house, you’ll want to reach out to your repair company and have them check this fence problem right away. When this problem will be left unattended, remember that termites can quickly eat through the structure of your fence, leaving it useless.  

You can observe mold problems 

If your fence has been subjected to water that’s left unattended for a long time and never totally dried up, there’s a high possibility that mold problems can develop. This can result in rooting that can also degrade the fence’s internal structure. Due to this, it will either fall apart, wiggle, or loosen eventually. Professional fence repair can give solution to such affected boards. Meaning, you do not need to change the whole fence.  

You can notice water damage 

When the water has already reached your fence’s internal parts. It can result in several structural problems. This can result in rotting or loose boards, which only makes the overall structure to be frail. Because of this, your fence can be more susceptible to being easily uprooted or falling over.  

You observe loose posts 

Once you can see that your fence is loose every time you push against it or if it can wiggle easily, that’s a clear indication that your fence is under stress. This issue needs to be fixed as soon as possible since loose posts can be easily uprooted especially in extreme weather conditions. Storms, heavy rains, or winds can make this issue hazardous when it’s neglected for a long time.  


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