Furnace Noises You Shouldn’t Ignore

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You probably have heard your furnace making weird sounds. Perhaps you choose to ignore them. However, you should keep in mind that weird furnace noises can be a lot dangerous.  

Almost every furnace sounds are quite harmless, from humming and whistling while the blower operates to pops and bangs in the ductwork. However, there are a couple of more severe sounds you need to be wary of.  

Here are several furnace noises that you shouldn’t ignore. If you do hear them, make sure you hire a furnace and air conditioner repair North Port FL company right away. 

High-Pitched Screeching or Squealing 

If you hear this noise, the best thing you can do is to hire a professional HVAC company to inspect and fix the issue for you.  

Whistling, whining, and squealing sounds are not as big of a deal. However, it is still something you need to be wary of.  

  • The culprit might be malfunctioning blower motors. 
  • Moving components, such as shaft bearings, might have become dry. 
  • Damaged or loose blower belts can cause a screeching or squealing noise if you’ve got a belt-driven motor. 


There is a difference between rumbling, banging, and rattling. Typically, a rumbling noise indicates your furnace hasn’t been fine-tuned for a long period. Typically, you need to adjust the pilot light or the gas burners are dirty.  

The flame of the furnace should be blue. This shows an efficient and clean burn. It is normal if you see a tiny yellow tip. However, call a professional immediately if the flame is any other color than blue. A lot of green, purple, orange, yellow, or red shows hazardous and inefficient conditions.  


You might have a loose screw or panel if you hear a rattling noise coming from the furnace. Before you try to fix the furnace, turn off the power first. Next, you can use a screwdriver to tighten the panel and see if it fixes the issue.  

It can indicate a crack or leak in the heat exchanger if the problem isn’t a loose screw. This is a severe problem. You need to contact a professional immediately.  

Metal Against Metal 

You can have a severe issue with the blower wheel of the furnace if you hear loud scraping and clanking. Turn off the furnace right away and wait until an expert technician examines it.  

  • The blower fan might be broken 
  • The blower fan might have come loose 

Loud Bang 

You might have an accumulation of gas in the system if you hear a loud bang when you turn on the furnace. You shouldn’t ignore this noise. It can damage the heat exchanger. If it happens, it’s expensive and hazardous.  

The burners might be dirty. If this is the case, the ignition will be delayed. This will lead to the accumulation of gas. When the ignition finally comes in, it causes the gas to explode. Yearly fall furnace maintenance can easily prevent this issue from happening. A professional will check and clean the burners of your furnace as part of the maintenance.  

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