Things to Tell the Towing Company

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It can be extremely frustrating whenever your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. You were supposed to be somewhere doing something. However, you’re now stranded in the middle of the road all by yourself. Though you can’t do anything about it really, the only choice you’re left with is to look for a solution to get yourself out of that state.

If you aren’t a car pro, you can’t repair magically your vehicle in just several minutes. Thus, your best bet is to contact professional 24 hour towing companies in Chesapeake VA. They could take you to a safe area. However, you need to know the potential questions that they could ask you before you contact one.

You will usually have to offer them with the following details whenever you contact a towing company:

Your Vehicle’s Condition

The condition of your vehicle and its make and model will identify the kind of tow truck that would be needed to safely tow your vehicle.

The Address of your Mechanic

It is very possible that your car will not start without a proper assessment from a mechanic if it is facing severe issues. You’ll have to pay the towing fees to get your vehicle towed from your house to the shop of the mechanic if you choose to tow your vehicle to your house. To save a lot of money, it is wise to have your vehicle towed directly to your mechanic. This will allow you to have your vehicle inspected as soon as possible. You should always know the address of your mechanic. With that, you could hand over the address whenever the towing company asks where you want to go.

Insurance Info

In almost every case, the payment of a towing service provider is connected directly to the insurance of a person. That is why it’s crucial for you to know the important info about your insurance. This might include the type of coverage, the payment made to date, and the policy number.


Your location is typically the first question the representative will going to ask you whenever you contact a towing service provider. You should know that towing a vehicle on the highway is very different from pulling a car on a side street for a towing company. Because of that, you’ll have to tell the precise location to the towing service provider so that they could accordingly send help. You could refer to the GPS in your smartphone or in your car to determine your precise location.

All these details will help the towing service provider check the level of work needed to help you. It might appear like you have to give a lot of information to a company on the phone at the time whenever you are stressed out. Several individuals might even get angry. However, all of these details are required to help you solve the issue in a timely manner. That is why it is best that you should work together with the towing company.

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